Sonoma County, Northern California, USA

Travis Moreda Dairy

While Travis Moreda Dairy is our newest milk supplier, Travis himself isn’t new to the Wallaby Family. Travis grew up on the Moreda Valley Dairy farm and learned the ways of organic farming from his parents.Travis is now the owner of his own 240 acre, certified organic farm. He likes having an organic farm because it allows him to get to know his cows better. Careful attention is given to each animal to ensure that it maintains good health. Part of this includes providing a place for the cows to roam freely, in their natural environment, which in turn allows them to feed on nutritious grasses and plants that their bodies are well-adapted to digest. Even though running an organic operation is more work in some ways, Travis says that the benefits to his cows are apparent, so the extra effort is all worthwhile.

"Keeping my cows in the pasture requires more effort and maintenance, but their health and well-being is worth the effort." 
– Travis Moreda