Sonoma County, Northern California, USA

Morrison Brothers Dairy

At Morrison Brothers Dairy, farming is a family affair. Brothers Chuck and Larry grew up on the farm that their father began around 1946. Since starting their current farm together in 1981, the next generation of six children has pitched in as well. The Morrisons began selling all of their organic milk to Wallaby Yogurt Company in 2006. Their own observation has shown that pasture-fed cows are healthier, with less stress. While they characterize organic farming as harder work, it has allowed them to maintain more of a family operation, running the show themselves rather than keeping the large number of cows required to maintain a profitable conventional farm. Another advantage to organic farming – the Morrisons get to know their cows better!

"Cows that are allowed to roam in grassy pastures are happier, and thus make more milk, than cows cooped up on factory farms."
– Chuck Morrison