Marin County, Northern California, USA

Moreda Valley Dairy

For Don, Jr. & Deborah Moreda, the decision to go organic was easy. Their practices were already organic for many years, and they only lacked certification – which was granted in November 2006. Don’s great-grandfather was a dairyman in Petaluma, and his family still owns and operates that ranch. Don and Deborah’s 3 children were raised on a dairy farm, and have helped with operation. Farming organically and selling milk to Wallaby is a natural fit because their smaller ranch is “thankfully” not capable of supporting a factory farm. With healthier and easy-to-manage cows, the use of antibiotics was never considered. The only milk the Moredas drink comes straight from their own cows.

"Our cows are healthy, happy and clean. They get plenty of natural exercise and have bright, well-defined coloring." 
– Deborah Moreda