Sonoma County, Northern California, USA

Mello Farms

Mike Mello is a fourth generation farmer. He has worked on his parents’ farm, Mello Dairy, his entire life, and even began managing it after graduating from Cal Poly. For Mike, starting an organic farm of his own was a natural next step. When the opportunity arose with a piece of land located just around the corner from the farm he grew up on, Mike jumped at the chance. Although he still helps out at his parents’ farm every day, he now enjoys having a farm of his own and looks forward to sharing it with his future wife, Trisha.

Mike is also very familiar with organic farming. His parents’ farm has been certified organic since 2007. Even prior to certification, Mello Dairy had always been pasture-based and had never used pesticides. When Mike started his own farm in 2009, it was certified organic from the beginning. Mike finds that his cows are healthier and more content because they’re able to roam his 210 acres of pasture.

"Organic farming is the wave of the future in this area.  It’s better for the people, the animals, and the land."
– Mike Mello