Sonoma County, Northern California, USA

Beretta Dairy

The Berettas were ahead of their time, ceasing the use of chemical fertilizers back in 1953. Their fourth-generation dairy farm has always been pasture-based. Doug Beretta (3rd generation) recently purchased and took over the operation from his father, Bob.  Doug and wife Sharon’s children enjoy helping out around the farm, and are carrying on the family tradition of participating in 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America). To control quality, they grow much of their own feed. As other organic dairy farmers have discovered, Doug observes that keeping cows off concrete, along with organic practices, leads to less stressed livestock that breeds better. They’ve been 100% certified organic since April 2007.

"Organic farming changes your thinking. It brings you closer to the earth, closer to the cows, and closer to the way farming used to be, back in the day."
– Doug Beretta