December 13, 2012

Where is Wallaby?! - Part 3

Your favorite flavor went missing? Time to rally!

Where is Wallaby?! - Part 3

Because stores are constantly changing their yogurt offerings, they often stop carrying certain flavors and/or brands to make room for new ones. It's always a disappointment when we hear from fans that they can no longer find their favorite flavor of Wallaby. In many instances, consumers look to us for an explanation as to why our yogurt was discontinued from a particular store or chain. Every now and then it's because we've actually stopped making that particular flavor. More often, however, it's because the retailer has decided to no longer carry it. Unfortunately, what many people might not realize is that we don't have much control over which yogurts stores decide to keep and which ones they choose to discontinue.

In some ways, our product distribution kind of works like network TV. Say you have a favorite show that you're really getting into. It's only been on the air for a couple of seasons, so it's just starting to develop a following. Suddenly, as you're gearing up for the next episode or season, you find out that the show's been cancelled and its timeslot is being filled with something else.

When this happens it's not something that the actors or producers making the show have control over—it's the network or TV station making the decision. So what do die-hard fans do when they hear that their favorite show is being cancelled? They tell the TV network that they're not happy about it. And sometimes, when enough fans make their opinion known, the network changes their mind and they bring the show back!

The same can be true for our yogurt and the stores where you shop. There are stores that will carry a certain flavor for a while, but then suddenly decide to take it off the shelf. When this happens, Wallaby fans often want to know why the flavor is gone and ask us to get it back on the shelf. However, just like the actors and producers of a promising yet cancelled TV show, we alone don't have the power to change a store's decision. What we want everyone to know is that you as consumers have the greatest influence over what stores decide to carry. So should your favorite flavor of Wallaby get discontinued from a store, we ask that you use your consumer clout to bring it back!

There are lots of ways to make your demand known. You can start by talking to the Customer Service or Dairy Department the next time you are at the store, and asking why they've stopped carrying your yogurt. You can also contact the store via their website's Contact Us section, and let them know they're making a mistake by not carrying your favorite flavor or variety of Wallaby. If your store has a Facebook page, you can also use their wall to let them know you'd like to see Wallaby brought back, as well as rally support from likeminded fans. By doing these things you will be exercising the power of your consumer voice, and as a result, you'll be much more likely to get the Wallaby flavor you've been missing back onto your store's shelves.

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