December 12, 2012

Where is Wallaby?! - Part 2

Can’t find a store near you? Here’s what to do!

Where is Wallaby?! - Part 2

Sometimes our Store Locator might not turn up any results for a specific zip code or city where you're trying to find Wallaby yogurt. If this happens, don't lose hope! Our Store Locator is a great resource for starting your search; however, it comes with one small but important disclaimer. Because we don't sell our yogurt directly to stores, we don't always know exactly which stores are currently selling our yogurt. In many instances we rely on outside sales reps and even consumers to tell us where our yogurt is selling. And while we'd love to put a GPS tracking device on every case of yogurt we make—to see exactly where each ends up—we'll have to leave that as a hi-tech marketing fantasy for now!

If our Store Locator does not turn up any results for your area, we encourage you to email our Consumer Help team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please tell us:

• Where you live (city, state, zip)

• That the Store Locator on our website didn't turn up any results for your area

• What stores are in your area or where you tend to buy groceries

• Which flavor(s) or variety of Wallaby yogurt you're trying to find

Our Consumer Help team will do what they can to support and continue your search. Many times we're able to find stores that might not carry Wallaby regularly, but that are willing to place special-orders for their customers. This means that they can order a case of Wallaby yogurt just for you. And they may also give a small discount for special-orders, since you are buying in volume! We find that smaller independent stores, like co-ops, are often the most willing and able to special-order products for their customers.

Eventually, we hope that the Wallaby brand will become popular enough so that stores everywhere will carry our yogurts. And that's also where you come in! You can show stores that there is a growing consumer demand for Wallaby, by telling them that you want to see our yogurts in their stores. One way to do this is by printing out one of our Store Request Forms (click here). Fill out the form and then turn it in to any store that you'd like to be able to purchase Wallaby from. You can also visit your store's website, and use their Contact Us section to put in a request for Wallaby. By doing these things, your store will be encouraged to carry the Wallaby products that you want because they'll know that there is a customer-base for them.

Can't find your favorite flavor of Wallaby where you used to get it? Look out for our next blog, Where's Wallaby?! -Part 3, coming soon...

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  • Cyrilla Cook

    Cyrilla Cook

    22 January 2013 at 01:09 |
    I absolutely love Wallaby's organic lowfat plain yogurt. I eat it almost every day, so the quart size is the best for me. The Magnolia Thriftway Market in Seattle has been stocking it for many years, and I have been faithfully buying it. Recently it changed to a Metropolitan Market, and now they have replaced the Wallaby large size with all new greek yogurts. I asked the manager to see if they could continue carrying it, and they are supposed to get back to me.

    I went to QFC in Interbay today to find my Wallaby's. They stopped carrying it too! Wallaby, how we can get our local stores to keep it on the shelves? Thank you.


  • Wallaby Yogurt Company

    Wallaby Yogurt Company

    12 February 2013 at 16:48 |
    Hi, Cyrilla – sorry to hear that Metro Market isn't carrying our 32oz Australian-style Lowfat Plain yogurt. Please check out Part 3 of our blog series for what else you can do! Where’s Wallaby?! - Part 3 - http://wallabyyogurt.com/blog/item/where-s-wallaby-part-3

    It’s also possible that stores in your area were temporarily out-of-stock at beginning of the year. January tends to be a popular month for yogurt. It’s also a month when many stores “remodel” or refresh their yogurt sections, so items can temporarily go missing as the shelves get rearranged. If you've gone back recently to Metro Market (formerly Thriftway) or QFC, and not found our products back in stock, please send our Consumer Help team an email at info@wallabyyogurt.com. We’ll do what we can to assist!


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