December 10, 2012

Where is Wallaby?! - Part 1

Looking for our yogurt? These tips & tricks can help!

Where is Wallaby?! - Part 1

Every day we hear from both new and long-time consumers who are looking for our yogurt. Sometimes they are trying to find a store in their area that carries Wallaby. Other times they can no longer find their favorite flavor in the store where they had been buying it regularly. With so many of you wondering, "Where's Wallaby?!" we thought it might be time to blog some tips and tricks for locating our delightful, yet sometimes elusive yogurts!

If you're a first-time customer or have recently relocated, you might be wondering – what stores in my area carry Wallaby? The best place to start your search is the Store Locator on our website: www.wallabyyogurt.com/wheres-wallaby/store-locator. Most U.S. cities and large towns will have at least a couple of options; usually the larger the city you live in, the more stores you'll find carrying our yogurt. Stores that carry Natural and Organic products are often your best bet. Wallaby is available nationwide in Whole Foods Market, which typically offers the widest variety of our yogurts.

If our Store Locator turns up stores in your area, we encourage you to call the store before making your first Wallaby-run. This will ensure that the store is currently in stock and is carrying any specific flavors or varieties you might be looking for. Because we make over 30 different flavors and sizes of yogurt, many stores are not able to carry our entire assortment of products. We also suggest that when you call a store, you ask to speak to either someone in Customer Service or in the Dairy Department. These will likely be the best people to answer any questions about what Wallaby items their store carries.

Can't find a store near you in our Store Locator? Stay tuned for our next blog, Where's Wallaby?! -Part 2, coming soon!

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