September 10, 2013

What makes Wallaby Yogurt so special?

Our milk producers are the key to our products

What makes Wallaby Yogurt so special?

While some might think it is our unique creaminess and mild flavor, to us it goes far beyond that. From the top-down, our employees make Wallaby Yogurt Company special. Our dedication to fair and ethical practices in how we do our work and how we treat one another has instilled a sense of pride in each Wallaby employee. This helps make us distinctive, but the special nature of our company and products begins even earlier in the process, with the main ingredient for every Wallaby Organic product: milk.


Our milk is not just any ordinary milk; it is organic milk sourced locally, from eight family-owned farms. These eight farms have happy California cows that get to enjoy the mild weather of Marin and Sonoma County, less than 50 miles from our facility in American Canyon, CA. Spending the majority of their time out in the pasture, and supplemented with organic grains as needed, these cows get a comfortable life of exercise and relaxation, while getting the care and attention they need to grow and thrive as milk producers.

This lifestyle and the high quality milk produced would not be possible without the hard-working people behind our eight milk-supplying dairies. These men and women work long hours, often enduring nature's elements to ensure proper care of their cows and the milk they produce. With herds of 100-400 cows, milking twice a day is just the start of their daily chores. This series will give you a peek into all that goes into keeping a dairy farm running, as we introduce you to the people behind the scenes, and the source of our most important ingredient.

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