October 31, 2013

Producer Spotlight - Moreda Valley Dairy

Meet the Moredas

Producer Spotlight - Moreda Valley Dairy

Dairy farming was brand new to Deborah Moreda when she first met her husband, Donny. Donny Moreda, on the other hand, was highly familiar with dairy farming, having grown up helping on the ranch founded by his great-grandfather nearly a century ago. Today, Don's family still owns and operates that ranch, while Don and Deborah have started their own.


When we caught up with, Deborah and Donny Moreda admitted they were both about ready for a nap. After having kept up with the daily rigors of maintaining an organic dairy for nearly seven years, feeling a little sleep deprived is the norm for these two. Deborah relies on Wallaby Australian-Style Raspberry Yogurt to power her through the day, often using it in smoothies or topping it with cottage cheese for a protein-packed snack. When they are not milking the herd or tending to the ranch, the Moredas enjoy staying active, with Deborah favoring dancing and Donny enjoying a softball game here and there.

It's no wonder she is a dairy farmer, as Deborah's other favorite treats include dairy as well – ice cream and pizza. She also loves preparing big holiday meals for the family. In fact, her family members, particularly her three kids, are her most prized possessions. Most recently, one of the three children has opened a ranch of his own. Stay tuned for more on Travis Moreda and his dairy farm in an upcoming blog.

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