September 17, 2013

Producer Spotlight - Mello Farms

Meet the Mellos

Producer Spotlight - Mello Farms

Mike Mello grew up on his parents' dairy farm, and dreamed of replicating the same organic farming practices on his own farm. In 2009, that dream became reality and he now owns and operates a 210-acre farm near his parents' original Mello Dairy. Mike appreciates having his parents nearby, as they are always willing to help him out on his farm, or provide business advice when needed. It seems they are more than happy to trade favors for time with Hannah, his first child, who is just over a year old.


Life on the dairy, particularly with twice-daily milkings, keeps Mike busy. Most of his free time is spent with his wife, Trisha, and daughter, Hannah. Free time will soon become even less known with the quickly approaching arrival of their second daughter in November 2013. His TV viewing is usually limited to Disney shows, but he sneaks in some History channel every now and then, and even gets out hunting from time to time. Mike and Trisha also love taking quick trips to Tahoe or Clearlake when they get the chance, but, like his parents, he values time spent with family, and truly enjoys his work.

When it comes to Wallaby Yogurt, Mike shares his mother Vicki's taste for Greek varieties, with his recent favorite being the Nonfat Mixed Berry. He also enjoys Mexican food and has a sweet tooth - especially for ice cream. Mike enjoys his work on the farm and is proud to be following in his parents' footsteps, continuing their practice of responsible organic farming and producing milk for Wallaby Yogurt Company.

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