November 07, 2013

Producer Spotlight - Mello Dairy

Meet the Mellos

Producer Spotlight - Mello Dairy

As the senior of Wallaby Yogurt Company's two Mello family producers, Vicki and Albert Mello are well-accustomed to twice-daily milkings and the hard work that goes into running a dairy on a year-round basis. The hardest part, Vicki notes, is the fact that the couple can rarely vacation together, as they are both intricately involved in the daily operation of the ranch.


When they can get a break, both Vicki and Albert love the outdoors - swimming, hunting, and fishing. The two share a passion for 70's music, but differ in their preferences when it comes to meals. Vicki likes pizza and cheesecake while Albert enjoys steak and any type of berry pie. It is no surprise that this difference in taste extends into their choice of Wallaby Yogurts, with Vicki selecting Greek Nonfat with Raspberry and Albert choosing the Strawberry or Blueberry Australian-style blended cups.

The Mellos' first priority is always their family, with holiday meals or any kind of family get-togethers at the top of their lists of favorite activities. Beyond their children and grandchildren, Vicki and Albert take great pride in owning their own ranch and in the organic farming practices they have established. Uniting these passions together, they have passed this tradition on to their son, Mike, who now owns his own dairy. Read more about him in a subsequent blog, as another Wallaby Yogurt Company producer.

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