October 10, 2013

Producer Spotlight - Bianchi Dairy

Meet the Bianchi Family

Producer Spotlight - Bianchi Dairy

Susan Bianchi could not help but profess her love for dairy life, "The dirt, the dust, the flies - I love it all!" She was raised on a dairy and has enjoyed leading the same lifestyle since she and her husband, George, founded Bianchi Dairy years ago. While her son, Bill, has taken over much of the daily operation, the couple is still very involved with its happenings. On a recent visit, Susan gave us a tour of the grounds, introducing us to the 'ladies' of the house. Meanwhile, George was helping with the cows, who were almost finished with their milking. Admittedly, Susan is happy to no longer be involved in the milking duties, especially the 1 am shift. However, she hasn't given up ownership completely - she's always sure to inspect the property on her daily hikes, and can often be found giving the calves extra love and attention.

Bianchi Calf

Outside of her life on the farm, Susan enjoys golfing and her time with family. Around her house, any holiday is a great excuse for everyone to gather. Family gatherings can easily grow upwards of 40 people, but Susan loves the company.

Susan's favorite flavor of Wallaby Yogurt is hard to narrow down. She has become a fan of the new Greek Nonfat with Raspberry, but often returns to almost any of the Lowfat Australian-style blended flavors, particularly favoring anything citrus.

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