October 17, 2013

Producer Spotlight - Morrison Brothers Dairy

Meet the Morrison Brothers

Producer Spotlight - Morrison Brothers Dairy

How many dairy farmers are also SCUBA divers? Well, we know at least one! Larry Morrison has been diving for about 10 years, mostly off the coast of Northern California, which enables him to stay close to his work. As one half of the duo leading Morrison Brothers Dairy, Larry is still very involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm. Between daily feedings, breeding, caring for calves, and managing the tedious tasks that come with running the business, it's hard to believe Larry has time for life away from the dairy.


Larry has been fortunate enough to find himself with the opportunity to travel to New Zealand a few times. He thinks the landscape is some of the most majestic he has ever witnessed and the diving opportunities are endless. If he ever finds the time, he'd love to get back.

Beyond his adventures underwater, he also enjoys hiking, hunting, team roping, and riding one of his nine horses. Every now and then, he finds the time to relax indoors, usually to watch a football game on TV. Indoors or out, Larry likes Wallaby Yogurt straight out of the cup. His favorite flavor is Greek Nonfat with Raspberries. He likes to eat it with a little fruit in each bite.

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