October 24, 2013

Producer Spotlight - Beretta Dairy

Meet the Berettas

Producer Spotlight - Beretta Dairy

The Beretta Family has practiced responsible farming long before Wallaby Yogurt Company sought their milk. Today, Doug Beretta leads this pasture-based fourth-generation dairy farm with the help of his wife, Sharon, and their kids: Jennifer, Susan, and Ryan. Their eldest daughter, Lisa, doesn't help with the day to day operation, but her 2 year old son, Brayden, loves helping with feeding and washing. Farming is truly a way of life for the entire family. The kids have participated in 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) for years, and now take ownership of specific tasks on a daily basis.


When they are not feeding, milking, and maintaining the ranch, the family often gathers to watch TV shows like Malibu Country and The Voice. It's no surprise that a love of country music, particularly songs from Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, is also shared amongst the siblings and their parents. Differences arise, though, when it comes to the family members' favorite Wallaby yogurts. Doug enjoys both the blended and the Greek varieties in Strawberry, while his kids each have a specific pick, ranging from blended Maple to Key Lime to Greek Nonfat Raspberry. All are very proud, however, of the fact that their cows' have contributed to each tasty spoonful of Wallaby, no matter what flavor!

Other tasty treats enjoyed by the family include Sharon's blackberry pie, often accompanied by big scoops of Vanilla ice cream – something Doug claims he cannot live without. It's no surprise that a big necessity on the farm is coffee, as a source of energy for all those early mornings and long days! Fortunately, like most of our producers, Doug and his family love their work, and plan to continue to provide certified organic milk to Wallaby Yogurt Company for years to come.

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