August 01, 2011

Introducing... Wallababy™

Organic Whole Milk Yogurt for Babies

Introducing... Wallababy™

We know the success of a company depends on loyal consumers who both eat your products and share great suggestions. For a while now, customers have been asking us to make a whole milk yogurt for the youngest of Wallaby fans, babies 6 months and older. After taking the time to do the research and develop a product that we'd proudly call our own, we have finally done it!

We are proud to introduce Wallababy™ Organic Whole Milk Yogurt for Babies. We created it using organic higher fat milk recommended for babies and added zinc and vitamin D to further meet your baby's growing needs. Wallababy can be purchased at Whole Foods Market in both Banana and Blueberry flavors. Wallababy is sold in a 4 pack of 4oz cups, perfect for your baby's appetite.

Early trials on focus groups (our own babies) were full of comments like "Gaa baa boo daa" and "Ffrbbbt ba dab bobo". Our translation experts tell us that these babies were singing the praises of this "delicious yogurt that is like no other." Okay, so maybe the exact translation is debatable but empty yogurt containers and lots of smiles were all the proof we needed to know we had created something babies will love.

Taste it for yourself and see why Wallababy is so easy to love. Just remember to save some for the baby!

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